About Arteaser

Arteaser is a project I began in order to publish original stories based on interviews with San Francisco artists. My vision for the project is that it becomes a unique resource for art lovers to discover new artists. To that end, I also maintained a calendar of events featuring artists interviewed on Arteaser and publish a weekly guide.

The stories on Arteaser are not critiques of the artists' works, but rather introductions to the artists themselves. I've often found that learning the personal history of an artist can illuminate their work, but this is often reserved for only most established artists and the great artists of the past. With Arteaser, I hope to enrich the local art experience through brief histories of the artists.

About the Author

On a whim, I enrolled in Studio Art when I started high school and by the time I graduated I was in the studio for two hours a day. At UCLA, I opted to study history, my favorite academic subject, with an emphasis on medieval European history. After graduation, I moved back to San Francisco and took a job in the research department of a boutique brokerage firm, where I currently spend early mornings and late nights examining a set of software companies. In 2006 I started taking printmaking classes at Fort Mason on Saturdays, where I have met and been inspired by a number of local artists. The Arteaser Project combines my interest in art, my curiosity about history, and my enjoyment of expository writing.